Journey With A Purpose

Journey with a Purpose to Limi Valley

Ecopad Project Limi Valley, Humla Nepal | Project Report

The Distribution Journey

This journey with a purpose towards the mountain trails in northwestern Nepal’s Humla district was truly an experience of a lifetime. It is a different feeling when you work hard towards something and see it manifesting right in front of your eyes.

Learning and Reflections

We are happy to inform you that the initial response to the ecopads was wonderful.


Collecting enough donations was no doubt the first challenge of the project. However, traveling to Limi Valley was the harder part of the project. Since the valley is located in the extreme remote part of Nepal, there is an issue of lack of transportation, unreliable road conditions. One cannot go with a fixed schedule and needs to be very flexible.

Future Plans

Our volunteers at the local level will take feedback and evaluate the project outcomes. If successful, we plan to distribute the next batch of EcoPads within 2–3 years. If not successful, we plan to visit Limi again to evaluate the situation.

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For our next phase of pad distribution, you can Make a donation through our GoFundMe platform:



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