The Temple Dog Soldiers

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7 min readOct 18, 2021

What’s going on there? I hope you are happy and healthy.

I just went through three weeks of strep throat and a twisted knee, along with nicotine & hash withdrawals. Be thankful you weren’t here to see it. I wish I wasn’t. But everything is nearly better now, and here is something much more pleasant and interesting!

The third book, now being written, will be called Temple Dog Soldier. That title was snatched from a piece by the same name that appeared in the second book, Reincarnation Through Common Sense. Once again, in consideration for my short attention span friends, it is presented here as a very short piece — less than 500 words!

This chapter and that entire book is about my half year spent as a non-student, adopted lunatic being cared for in a very rural Buddhist forest temple in Thailand where no one else spoke English. The one official duty given me by the head monk there was “make yourself comfortable.”

As is true of all my writing, everything except whole books goes out free of charge and all author profits from the sales of those whole books will be donated to help sponsor wisdom teachers and activities. Anyone that has ever read a newspaper knows that there is nothing, except perhaps love, that is more painfully and obviously lacking on Earth than wisdom.

Actually, wisdom and love are kind of the same thing, aren’t they?

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Be well. Love, Tenzin.

Oh, hell, 400+ words is a ridiculously short post. I’ll add just 100 more words of companion poem at the end!

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Temple Dog Soldiers

I get along beautifully with the dogs at the temple, and the dogs at the temple get along beautifully with life. There are about thirty of them. These dogs get fed and cared for better than many humans get fed and cared for. Most of them also get along with each other better than humans do.

I spend a lot of time with my canine brothers. They’re the only ones here who seem to understand English. But we have a lot more in common than just that. We all got the shit kicked out of us by life. Most of these dogs were abandoned on the mean streets of steaming downtown Asia and would likely be dead had benevolent passersby not brought them to the temple. Yes, it is likely we would all have left our bodies by now if not for the loving kindness and connections of someone who just knew that “this dog belongs in the temple.”

I don’t know if dogs are actually capable of intellectually knowing much but if they are, here are a few things these dogs know:

1 — They are the luckiest sons of bitches in the Universe.

2 — One minute of petting is a lot more fun than years of getting kicked.

3 — Mange, worms, tics, malnutrition, attack, and nonfatal injuries can all be classified as temporary setbacks.

They probably also think there is a God, or several of them.

Like the cat that just ate the canary, we stroll the grounds and wag our tales. We are barely smart enough to realize that we have recently been given wings for no other reason than that we didn’t have a leg to stand on.

We Temple Dogs inadvertently get to be a little bit like soldier-type creatures guarding the outer perimeters of the residents’ hearts. It works like this.

No one expects us to do anything, much less do anything right. We snap at flies and mosquitoes, pee on palm trees, don’t speak the language, and are not physically able to do much work. Although we live in a temple, nothing is expected of us in the techno-spiritual sense. We don’t even know the words to the chants and prayers. Our happy hearts and healing bodies are pleasantly swollen with gratitude and good food — but these hearts and bodies are attached to very little in the way of a culturally functional brain.

When we fug up, we don’t even know that we have fugged up — and everyone around us knows that we don’t know we’ve fugged up. That makes it easy for the folks here to practice forgiveness and compassion. This makes them better-hearted people. We get petted and smiled at.

We often get petted and smiled at without even fugging up! It can happen just because someone here wants to give a little kindness and affection to anything within range. That is what the people we live with do. It is more than just their job description. It is who they are.

And we are who we are — descendants of wild wolves that are still embodied quite by accident. We have come as close to losing our tails as anything that still breathes.

I’m wagging mine. So are my dogs.

Loving Kindness

As I was approaching death, a magical etheric breath

Flashed brightness into tragic night, rekindling my embittered sight

A shadowed message in my brain awakened from within the pain

So softly spoken without word, that message was so clearly heard

Forgive, forget, just live and let… Recall your ancient wisdom

It’s sleeping now but we know how to unify your schism

Take heart and hope, untie your rope, and let your boat go sailing

Your ship is tight! Just do it right. There’ll be no need for bailing

We cannot go there for you as you must map your own path

But we can help block broken roads and prevent aftermath!

We’re there, we care, and are aware of trouble in your chest

Please take our kindness to yourself, as if your mother’s breast

And when I rediscover health and take my life back off the shelf

They’ll say I did it all myself through fortitude and mental wealth

They’ll leave love there until it clicks, rebuild my house from broken sticks

Loving Kindness is the fix and temple folks know all the tricks

About the Author

Doug Ten Rose has hitchhiked around America for 40 years, encountering Tibetan Lamas, Native American wise people, Senators, Governors, Junkies, Winos, Hookers, Rock stars, An all-lesbian rock band playing a concert for the deaf, The modern-day Robin Hood And a whole lot more…

These and many other amazing characters are described in Fearless Puppy on American Road.

“Ten” was also rescued and adopted by a temple full of Monks and Nuns in Southeast Asia. He stayed there for a half-year, although not studying Buddhism (certainly not in any conventional sense!).

Read more about that in his second offering: Reincarnation Through Common Sense.

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